More on Psychological Reversal and Thinking Out of the Box

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More on Psychological Reversal and Thinking Out of the Box

My new article on Psychological Reversal has been featured in the latest issue of ACEP’s The Energy Field publication.

“In the Second issue of The Energy Field, here were two excellent articles address- ing Psychological Reversal. They were in response to Gary Craig’s recent posting on his ‘Basic Recipe.’ “The term Psychological Reversal (PR) has been eliminated because, after years of experience, I think it was mis- named.” (more…)

Technique for Trauma Release.

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Trauma can be easily released using Visual Field/Kinesiology technique that is very simple to use, and does not require talking about the painful experience.

First I detect and remove subconscious sabotage to let go of the trauma, using my SCT (Sabotage Correction Technique). Then I ask the person to stand up with one arm to the side and resist me when I attempt to push the arm down (kinesiology). At the same time the person, with his head fixed at the center, is asked to follow my fingers, that I move systematically covering the entire visual field (Visual Field).


Treating PTSD with EFT and The Sabotage Correction Technique

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My article on Treating PTSD with EFT and The Sabotage Correction Technique has received a full 2 double page spread in the latest issue of AAMET LIFE Magazine.

You can download the pdf version here. (right click the link and select “save as” to download)

You can read the full article on their online digital magazine version here.

To learn more about this, see my video about how self sabotage prevents recovery from PTSD

Interview on Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age at WebTalkRadio

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Interview on Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age at WebTalkRadio

I was recently a guest speaker at the show Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age with Roy Richards on WebTalkRadio.

We discussed Subconscious Sabotage and why so many New Year’s resolutions fail.

You can listen to the full interview Here

Removing Subconscious Sabotage to Happiness

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My article “Removing Subconscious Sabotage to Happiness” was featured in the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s Energy Field online Publication and I wanted to share it here on my blog as well.

To read or download the article click here:
Removing Subconscious Sabotage to Happiness

For more from ACEP visit:

How to Fix Bad Karma – Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

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How to Fix Bad Karma – Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

I wanted to expand a little on my previous post How to Repair Bad Karma:
Why bad things are happening to people?

Everything that happens to us is the result of us attracting it. Of course, we are not consciously attracting bad things to us. Yet, apparently something within us does.

You probably heard about the concept of “self-fulfilling prophecy.” (more…)

Peak Performance

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Peak Performance

Do you self-sabotage yourself? Do you really believe that you can reach your peak potential as an athlete if you have subconscious sabotage to success?

Different athletes have their own version of self-sabotage. We see examples of this all around us, even the ones at the top. Consider for example Tiger Woods.

This is true for any other area of life other than athletic performance. We see this for example in corporate managers and sales persons who subconsciously stand in their own way to advance up the corporate ladder or to make better sales commissions.

We see it in students who sabotage their grades, essays, thesis and other academic achievement. We even see it in relationships—chasing the wrong dating partners over and over again.

Detailed Mapping of Subconscious Sabotage

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Detailed Mapping of Subconscious Sabotage

Read Daphna’s latest article on Detailed Mapping of Subconscious Sabotage
published in The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology‘s The Energy Field: Click Here

SCT (Sabotage Correction Technique) as a Form of Integrative Psychotherapy

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In my book The First Key, How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage, I present four sabotage correction techniques, going from a very simple and short one to the most complicated the Personalized Forgiveness Affirmation (PFA).

In the Personalized Forgiveness Affirmation (PFA), I incorporated a whole lot of psychotherapeutic approaches and techniques that I studied and used over the 36 years of my psychiatric practice. These include, among others, Freudian Psychoanalytic Principles, Jungian Principles, Applied Kinesiology, Energy Psychology, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Humanistic and Transcendental, Body Psychology, Rational Emotive, Rogerian: Person-Centered Psychotherapy, Narrative Psychology, Positive Psychology, and I maybe even forgot a few. (more…)

Dr Slonim to present a workshop at the Toronto Energy Psychology Convention

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Dr. Daphna Slonim will be presenting at the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference (by Caiet).

To learn more about Caiet visit

Here is Daphna’s Intro to the Workshop:

Self Sabotage Prevents Recovery from Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD)

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PTSD was diagnosed in at least 11-40% of Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives. That’s 223.4 million people. Up to 20% of these people go on to develop PTSD. As of today, that’s 31.3 million people who did or are struggling with PTSD.

Throughout my 36 years of experience in psychiatric practice I became absolutely convinced that people cannot completely heal if they subconsciously feel they don’t deserve to heal, others don’t deserve it, or it is not safe for them to get over the trauma.

Instead of putting people on the sofa for ten years, I get to the subconscious in a few seconds to detect the blockages. Then I use my Sabotage Correction Technique to get them unstuck.

The Naked Truth About Dating – on WebTalk Radio

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The Naked Truth About Dating – on WebTalk Radio

I was recently featured on WebTalk Radio where I discussed Self Sabotage in Dating Life.

You can hear the show here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Do You Sabotage Finding True Love?

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Do You Sabotage Finding True Love?

Relationship is a complex subject and can be sabotaged on all levels.
Let’s start in the very beginning, meaning the choice of a life partner.
It is not a surprise that our parents and their marriage have a huge influence upon our choices.
You often can see that a person tends to choose a life partner that either has the same characteristics as their father, their mother, or both. Or s/he has the opposite characteristics.
Psychologists call it “Repetition Compulsion”. So, for example a woman will chose a husband who is abusive and alcoholic like her father or someone who is aloof and emotionally unavailable as her mother. (more…)

How to Repair Karma

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Before Mary married John, he was a complete gentleman.  He was considerate and attentive.  He appeared to be stable and mellow.  After the marriage, there was a complete transformation.  He was abusive and emotionally cold.  He would drink with his friends, come home drunk, and beat her up.  By that time, she had children and stayed in the marriage “for the children’s sake.”

When the children grew up, and after she had some therapy, Mary decided to divorce John.  Two years later, she met Andy, who was exactly what she dreamed about:  He was so nurturing and kind.  After a year of courtship, they married.  Soon thereafter, she discovered Andy’s true nature.  He was a tyrant.  He expected her to serve him and be there for him to attend to his needs. When she tried setting boundaries, he became abusive; first, verbally by putting her down and cussing her.  Then the beating started.

At that time, Mary came to see me.  She was devastated.  She was confused and at a total loss what to do.  She started divorce proceedings, but was already afraid about her future relationships.  She was wondering what was going on and why she was cursed with “bad karma” in her marriages. (more…)

My Radio Interview on The Secrets to Success

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I recently was a guest speaker on The Secrets to Success radio show on 90.3FM and gave an overview of subconscious sabotage and of the first key and thought this would be a great introduction to newcomers or reminders of the basics for those familiar with it.

You can hear the interview below:


The Law of Attraction and Karma

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Rhonda Byrne’s book and movie, The Secret, sold 21 million copies.  It served an important mission:  It popularized the Law of Attraction and emphasized the importance of Positive Thinking.

It also focused on feeling gratitude, as if you already received what you focused on.  It introduced the power of visualization and “dream boards.”  The bottom line is that you can have whatever you want if you can imagine it with feelings.  All the information in The Secret is not new.  It follows Wallace Wattles’ 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich and Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich.

While the information in The Secret is true, it is not the entire truth.  There is a lot that is missing.  Most of the people who were interviewed in the film realized that and wrote their own versions of what was missing.  What is the secret behind The Secret?  (more…)

Abundance Does Not Attract Happiness

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Abundance Does Not Attract Happiness

Abundance Does Not Attract Happiness. Happiness Attracts Abundance!

Research showed that earning more than $60,000 a year does not add on to people’s happiness. And the Dali Lama just tweeted a week ago about just that.

On the other hand, the Law of Attraction clearly points to the fact that the key to success is happiness. So, if you have ever wondered how to manifest success, if you’ve ever asked yourself: “How can I be rich?” you need to change your quest. The more important question is: “How can I be happy in life?” (more…)

Money and Marriage

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Money and Marriage

A lot of women have the expectation that their husbands should be like their fathers and be excellent providers and allow them to have the extravagant lifestyle that they are accustomed to.  They spend as much money as their husband gives them, and it is never enough.  This creates a lot of resentment from the husband, who may not be as rich as the father, and even if he is, he may have a different attitude towards money.  He may be more of a saver, coming from a fear of more difficult times ahead or just in order to build a nice investment account in order to have passive income.

A spouse who is having a different attitude about spending money could be a continuous source of resentment, anger, and even fights among the couples.  So, an open discussion about how to spend the family income is in order.  The worst possible thing is to avoid talking and addressing the subject.  Fights about money are frequently the cause of divorce. (more…)

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You?

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How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You?

A lot of my patients ask me how to be a success. They do everything by the book, say the perfect affirmations, think positively, and do dream boards as suggested in the book “The Secret”. Yet they are not successful in making the Law of Attraction work for them. What is going on?

We are indeed electromagnets and we attract to us people and experiences that vibrate at the same wave-length. Except at least 95% of what we radiate is what is going on beyond the level of our conscious awareness.

Let’s say we are consciously trying to radiate positive thoughts and feelings. If we have suppressed negative emotions or negative imprints, it would bring down our vibrations to a much lower vibrations band.  Not being aware of that we can get the mistaken conclusion that the Law of Attraction does not work.    (more…)

Let’s Talk About Relationship

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Do You Sabotage Your Relationship?

And how many times do we run into problems at home and divorce is imminent? Well you don’t have to get divorced.
The problem may have nothing to do with your husband or your wife. The problem may very well be from what you are carrying with you from your past that you are acting out today.


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