Example of Past Life Trauma Causing Problems with Relationship

David had great problems finding nice women to date. He always chose to date women who he was sure are not “marriage material.” In EMT, we found out it was related to a traumatic past lifetime in England in the 18th century.

Strangely enough, even though David declared that he did not believe in past lives, when we started checking for where the trauma occurred, he immediately said “England.” He did not know where this knowledge came to him. He said it was just a lucky guess. Yet, he again “guessed” he was a woman in that lifetime and that the trauma was related to fire. He did not see anything in his mind’s eye, just said these things. When this was confirmed with muscle testing, he could no longer explain it as a guess. He then stated it was “intuition.” I explained all the knowledge of past lifetimes held in the Akashic records were totally available to his innate/higher self.

We proceeded with muscle testing to get more details and between the information for EMT and David’s “intuition,” we found out that David was a woman in that lifetime. After her marriage and having three children, she found out that her husband was homosexual, and he left her alone, as he traveled with his lover.

David was totally exhausted between working to put bread on the table and taking care of the kids, that one night he fell asleep while a candle was still burning. The house caught fire, and David and the kids died in the fire.

Here again, we can see how much easier this technique is over hypnotic regression. As even though we discovered the essential details of the trauma, David had only fleeting visions with no emotional or physical pain.

“Trauma in England, 18th century” – weak muscle.
“I want to release the trauma” – weak muscle.
“I deserve to release the trauma” – weak muscle.
“My husband deserves for me to release the trauma” – weak muscle.
“His lover deserves for me to release the trauma” – strong muscle.
“God deserves for me to release the trauma” – strong muscle.
“It is safe for me to release the trauma” – weak muscle.

David stated it made total sense to him that he blamed himself for causing the fire, that he blamed his then-husband for abandoning him, leaving him alone with the kids without any financial support; and, of course, it was dangerous for him to release the trauma. He was afraid that should he release the trauma he would be exposed to the danger that he would again marry the wrong person and the tragedy may reoccur.

After we removed all types of subconscious sabotage, we finally got a strong muscle with: “There is 100% subconscious support for me to release the trauma.” Yet, the muscle was still weak with, “Trauma in England in the 18th century.”

We used Visual Field/Kinesiology to treat the persistent negative energy of this trauma, and afterwards, the muscle became strong when we checked for “This trauma.”

After that clearing, David started dating “potentially better candidates,” as he put it, and hopes to find “Mrs. Right” in the near future.

It is of note that removing sabotage to anything does not guarantee that you’ll get what you want, but at least you won’t sabotage yourself getting it.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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