Example of Past Life Trauma Causing a Block in a Music Career

Debra was a successful business woman, owning her own IT company.  Yet, from her early childhood, she wanted to compose music.  She felt extremely frustrated when all her attempts to compose were unsuccessful.  She knew she was talented, yet she would start composing and could not complete any composition. 

We found out using Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) that the block was a result of a past life trauma in France in the 18th century.  Debra had no idea and no memories.  She even was not sure she believes in past lives.

We proceeded using EMT to narrow down more details of the trauma.  It came out that in that lifetime, she was a man, a successful composer who was murdered by another less successful musician because of jealousy.  So, of course, it was unsafe for Debra to be a successful composer, as long as the trauma still affected her energetically. 

With muscle testing, we found weak muscle with “The murderer deserves for me to release this trauma,” and “It is safe for me to release it.”  We corrected both by using the Forgiveness Affirmations.  Afterwards, we got a strong muscle both with, “I have 100% subconscious support to release the trauma,” and “Trauma in France in the 18th century.”  This meant we were done, and the trauma successfully removed.  After that, Debra was able to finally finish a few of the sonatas she was stuck with before. 

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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