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A testimonial from the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference:

I want to give you feedback about my breakthrough at the conference. I attended Dr. Daphna Slonim’s presentation on “How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage”.

I have been fired up and excited ever since. I would love it if you invited her back next year and next time, to share and teach her advanced techniques.

I bought her e-book right away and it is excellent, and written for the general public, she said. On page 125, it said part two is in the printed book and DVD. Of course I ordered that too. She has case demonstrations on the DVD.

Today, I used this technique with 3 clients, one on the massage table, who was emotionally upset, what a breakthrough.! I am grateful to have been trained with EFT, now I will get to use it more, since Dr. Slonim’s 7 questions, get to the core of what is sabotaging anyone. A brilliant technique.

Suzanne Proulx RMT
Energy Healing Practitioner

Billie Fischer’s Fear of Heights…

For as long as I can remember, I have been afraid of heights. I had the kind of fear that produced sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat and a sinking feeling in my stomach. I refused to step near the edge of any scenic view whether it was a mountaintop or the roof of a skyscraper. The top of third floor escalators gave me great pause. Forget the window seat on an airplane!

After only one session of working with Dr. Slonim, I decided to test out my fears. I found myself in a glass elevator. Normally, I would face the door and cower until the ride was over, but this time I bravely faced out and enjoyed the view. The fear symptoms were gone.

The next test was going to the new outdoor mall. I was able to look down from three stories and again, no symptoms appeared. Could it be that I truly was cured?

Months later I was lucky enough to be in Kagoshima, Japan. When I peered out of my hotel window, I saw the biggest, most grand ferris wheel that I had ever seen. It was quite spectacular with its display of changing lights. Without hesitation, I convinced my roommate that we needed to ride this ferris wheel and enjoy the incredible view. I had no fear riding the giant ferris and that proved that my fears are gone at last and I can embrace life fully.

Thank you, Dr. Slonim, for your powerful ability to change lives through eliminating one’s self-sabotage.

Billie Fischer
Santa Monica

Patricia Cieli

Dr. Daphna Slonim has worked with me on improving my sense of happiness and well-being and health. For years, I have been a seeker and have done psycho-therapy with a variety of therapists. They helped, of course. But none so deeply and quickly as working with Dr. Slonim has. Her unique approach cuts to the chase and rapidly uncovers the deeply imbedded subconscious obstacles that often elude psychotherapy.

There are so many examples of how her unique technique has enhanced my life.
One, in particular, stands out in my mind. For over 20 years, I have suffered from chronic pain. Using her energetic process, we addressed this problem. Not immediately, but gradually over a month or so, my pain was greatly alleviated. What I have noticed is gradual steady improvement after we have addressed an issue or obstacle. I am so grateful for the work she has done in developing this life-changing, yet simple, process.

Patricia Cieli
San Pedro, CA

Joie Magidow

Dr. Daphna Shlonim’s technique has been a great help in quite a few areas of my life. One big example is my current ability to deal with a former severe clutter problem. Having suffered with clutter for most of my life, I found that she helped me remove my subconscious sabotage and experience a comfortable transformation.

After working with her I have an easier way of dealing with “stuff” physically & emotionally. My home is now a lovely place to live in, my guests are more at ease visiting me and my life in general has greatly improved on many levels. Although still a collector, I now have more order in my life and the ability to let go of more & more things. I am forever appreciative of her way of working as well as forever grateful.

Joie Magidow
West Hollywood

Patti Roisman

SCT is a powerful technique that can change your life forever. I wish EVERYONE could experience it, but I strongly urge anyone who feels “stuck” in achieving any goal to give it a try. Dr. Slonim is brilliant, and makes the work fun!

Patti Roisman
Los Angeles

Debby B.

I am a mother of two beautiful children. Choosing what to eat and even making food by following a recipe had been very difficult. The anxiety that was associated with this had been so deep that I felt paralyzed and everything I cooked didn’t turned good, regardless of how much energy and time I spent on cooking something easy. It affected my social life by not inviting guests to have dinner with us. I avoided even social reunions where I only needed to offer some snacks.

I had the privilege to work with Dr. Slonim on this specific issue, my difficulty to choose and make meals for the family, and my huge intense emotions around it.

Dr. Slonim found out with Energy Muscle Testing that I had childhood trauma and she proceeded with her Sabotage Correction Technique. I didn’t know what to expect. Within days I found that my anxiety towards what to cook and the cooking itself diminished so much that my cooking turned out pretty good, some dishes are excellent, some I need to improve, and the family is much happier.

In another session, Dr. Slonim helped me again, regarding my anxiety about hosting social events. Dr. Slonim’s technique is so powerful and helped me so much that I have been inviting guests and cooking is becoming more and more easy and fun.

Thank you Dr. Slonim,

Debby B.
Sherman Oaks, California

Finally, going to the Gym

For the last 20 years, physical fitness has always been one of my desired goals. It has become a repetitive New Year Resolution ambition that I could never seem to attain: “Going to the gym on a regular basis”. The benefits were clear and very much desired: Feeling healthy, increased energy, and weight control. No matter what strategy I tried; gym memberships of all kinds, private trainers, self fitness and motivation DVDs, you name it, I tried it all! The end result was always the same: Not exercising on a regular basis and no weight loss.

Needless to say how frustrating it felt to invest so much time, energy and money, and still not figure out WHY I am not able to progress toward this positive goal.
My only explanation was that maybe I am not the “physical” type, maybe I am just lazy, or maybe I am not pushing myself hard enough. I did not like the way my body felt and looked, and I did not like the negative feelings that were associated with my lack of success in this particular area.

Through the First Key Technique, I discovered my “WHY”. I realized that I had a specific personal subconscious sabotage that was keeping me away from attaining a healthy and fit body. No matter how much effort I would invest in building toward my goal, my inner sabotage would make it impossible to allow me any feelings of accomplishment and happiness when it came to my body and weight.

The First Key – How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage Technique helped me detected that I did not feel that my mother deserved for me to be happy and have a fit body. As a child I perceived my mother to have a slim and beautiful body effortlessly. As a developing teenager, with weight issues, I felt very angry and upset that I had to work so hard to achieve very little weight loss, while my mother never needed to diet or exercise. My angry emotions of unfairness and feeling less than my mother were holding me back from achieving my ideal body weight. Externally I was working hard toward diet and exercise, but internally my negative emotions were firmly holding me back.

Dr. Slonim’s Subconscious Sabotage Correction Technique helped me quickly and effectively become in touch with my pain and correct this specific sabotage. Next, we checked for the most suitable gym and for my ideal weight. Eight months later, I can proudly report, that since my work with Dr. Slonim I have been exercising on a regular basis: 4-5 days a week. I am happily going to the gym and attracting the right friends and coaches to work out with. I found the right exercise class which I enjoy very much, and finally seeing positive changes in my weight and body. Most importantly, I am doing it with a lot of inner happiness!



When I first started working with Dr. Slonim, I was shocked to discover that I had subconscious sabotage to being happy. Her technique is truly groundbreaking. Using her unique method, I have been able to pinpoint where the sabotage was and successfully remove it. We continue to work on issues as they arise, I am enjoying my newfound happiness. I wholeheartedly recommend The First Key.


Julie Kim Zwissler

I worked with Dr. Slonim about 4 years ago. I was really frustrated with my work and mainly financial problems. I had recently started my own business branding agency. Most of my clients paid me regularly, but occasionally I would get a client who would forfeit on payment. Steadily it went for $12,000 and finally reaching up to $60,000. I knew I had a problem.

I worked with Daphna using her Sabotage Correction Technique and removed my financial subconscious sabotage of not deserving or others not deserving. It was so simple, yet so powerful, I saw results in the way I managed money immediately. Since working with Daphna, my business has grown at a steady pace, I work less hours, but for much more money and I’ve never had another client forfeit on paying me.

Julie Kim Zwissler

Alice Crisi

I was 32-years-old and recently finished treatment for breast cancer when I met Daphna. I was experiencing acute post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and depression since going through chemotherapy. But, breast cancer was just one more trauma in a life filled with terror since I was four-years-old. You would never know upon meeting me that underneath the outer layers of spunk and success I was managing chronic PTSD since I was a child. I was a highly functioning, outgoing, successful business woman. I was optimistic and forward thinking, building companies that would make a difference for others and full of love. Somewhere along the way, I developed survival techniques for working around the terror. They were so subtle no one noticed them or the terror. I was able to “function” at college, move 3,000 miles away from home to a city I knew no one and become a successful business owner.

Eventually my survival techniques just led to broken and distant relationships, most notably with my parents. I spent almost 18 years in and out of therapy trying to find a way back to safe, emotionally intimate relations with my mother and father. I loved them deeply and they loved me. I consciously let go of any resentment I felt towards them long ago, but something invisible, yet huge, was still in the way, despite everything they did to take care of me during my bout with cancer. I wasn’t trusting their love. I wasn’t trusting their support. Terror was still pervasive and I had no idea how to be done with it once and for all.

And then I met Daphna.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her for an entire day. She began clearing my trauma’s, starting with my first memory at four-years-old. There were ample tears that day, but also ample relief. By the end of the day, I felt lighter and clearer. A subtle, but profound shift that was notable when I walked out the door to go to my car and for the first time in years wasn’t looking around like a vigilante making sure I wouldn’t be attacked. I wasn’t mentally running through the scenario of what I would do if I was attacked.

That day was the first day of a life without terror. That day was the first day of a life with emotional intimacy, confidence, safety and self-love.

Daphna’s work is so incredibly profound and yet the changes, seem subtle at first. Until one day, just a year and a half later, I was living with my mother and father and realized I would be incredibly happy living with them under the same roof for the rest of my life, a notion that to friends who knew me in high-school or since, would’ve found impossible. Absolutely impossible. I even work for my father now and love it! – another notion that would have been impossible before. I’ve noticed that I no longer attract the same type of men in my life – the type that I couldn’t trust, that would never be capable of emotional intimacy. I haven’t experienced PTSD symptoms in quite some time. I felt strong and brave enough to move to a different state and start a new life and within two weeks, was more social in a brand new city than I had been in over six years in my previous city. I’m so calm and I used to be wound so tight, always bracing for impact. I’m 100% comfortable in my skin now and no longer identify with what it is to be a victim or a survivor. My identity is that of a passionate woman who is an artist, filled with love and compassion.

My life is finally, struggle free, happy and peaceful. There is not a doubt in my mind why: Daphna.

Alice Crisi

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