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Ever wonder why you have yet to realize your wildest dreams for happiness and success? Ever feel like, no matter how hard you try to create the life you desire, you never quite get there? Of course you have. And there’s a very good reason for this; something is holding you back. More precisely, some one is holding you back. That someone is YOU.

You have been trying to open a door that has been locked. But there is good news. You are the one who has locked it and, because of this, you hold the key to unlocking it, once and for all.

This book, The First Key, explains exactly how you have been secretly standing in your own way, and what to do about it. It addresses the powerful impact the subconscious mind has on defining outcome. While you may be thinking positively on a conscious level, this is not enough. In order to advance upon a path of self-fulfillment, you must discover the ways in which your subconscious is subtly sabotaging your aspirations.

The First Key is a comprehensive system devised to address this self-sabotage and transform it. The methodology described in these pages offers a uniquely effective means for detecting the negative thought patterns which hide in the subconscious and continually undermine attempts at progress. It then teaches how to remove these psychological blocks so that you may achieve the authentic happiness and fulfillment which is your birthright. This is The First Key.

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