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Press Release – September 13, 2011
Removing Self Sabotage in Career, Finance, Relationship and Sex is the goal of “The First Key” e-book by Beverly Hills Psychiatrist, Dr. Daphna Slonim.

Beverly Hills, CA – October 4, 2011 – As the economy is in a state of upheaval, and everyone is worried about job security, investing and saving, Los Angeles Psychiatrist, Dr. Daphna Slonim suggests that people can reach most of their financial goals if they overcome one obstacle: subconscious sabotage.

Making Money, Investing Money, Saving Money – Is your money thermostat subconsciously set too low?

“You probably don’t know it, but – no matter who you are, or how old you are –we all have subconscious sabotage to one thing or another: money, relationship, sex, weight, you name it”… said Slonim, who describes how anyone can overcome subconscious sabotage in her new e-book, “The First Key.”

“Instead of putting people on the sofa for years, I get to the subconscious in a few seconds. I have a system that easily and quickly removes the sabotage. In a very short time people get to the real core issue that was holding them back.”

So whether it is money, relationship, weight, health, or sex, the issues you are having are probably a result of subconscious sabotage, and the good news is YOU CAN FIX IT!

“Most of what is written on your wall is unconscious.  Either it was too painful to remember, or it was just forgotten.  Yet, from deep down, it has more power over you,” she said. “When you become aware of the enemy, you can face it, realize it is nonsense, and dismiss it as such.  When you are unaware of the enemy, it can stab you in the back.”

Dr. Slonim says:

“You cannot be happy if subconsciously you feel that you don’t deserve it.”
“You cannot make money or find your ideal career if subconsciously you feel that you are not good enough.”
“You cannot, lose weight or enjoy sex if subconsciously you don’t feel it is safe.”

“The First Key” e-book is perfect for people who are being sabotaged by their subconscious. For example:

  • People who want to make more money or find a better career.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more successful in business.
  • Executives who want to reach goals.
  • Investors who want to make better choices
  • People who are looking to find their soul-mate.
  • People who want to better enjoy sex.
  • People who sabotage their health.
  • People who are unable to lose weight.
  • People who ruin their relationships.

“The First Key”  is a simple manual showing you how to detect subconscious sabotage and how to effectively remove it using short, simple, and easy to follow techniques.

The e-book comes with links to short videos of Dr. Slonim demonstrating her technique. The price is only $29.95.

To get 10 free videos about the technique go to

About Daphna Slonim M.D.:

Dr. Slonim is a Board Certified psychiatrist practicing in Beverly Hills since 1984. She was a co-director of two NATO projects, teaching psychologists how to effectively treat trauma, using energy psychology and her Sabotage Correction Technique.

“It is NOT Hocus Pocus. It is for real. At the NATO seminar I worked with 34 psychologists. In the beginning they rolled their eyes in disbelief, then their jaws dropped in amazement and by the end of the seminar they gave me a standing ovation.”
Press Release – January 25, 2011

Does Subconscious Sabotage Prevent You from Finding Your Soul-mate?

Losing weight? Succeeding in Your Career?

New book by Beverly Hills psychiatrist shows how to reach your goals

Beverly Hills, CA – January 25, 2011 – As New Year’s Resolutions begin to fade into memory, Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Dr. Daphna Slonim suggests that people can better reach their goals if they overcome one obstacle: sub-conscious sabotage


“The ‘Law of Attraction’ is a law of the Universe. But is it our conscious efforts or our sub-conscious beliefs that control this law as we seek to attract a suitable life partner or achieve our optimal weight?  Many of us have consciously focused our attention on achieving these goals, yet the fulfillment of these desires continues to elude us,” said Slonim, who describes how anyone can overcome sub-conscious sabotage in her new book, “The First Key.”
“What if, outside of our awareness, we have a huge sub-conscious magnet, stronger than our conscious efforts, which attracts an abusive partner, perhaps like one of our parents?  What if we have a sub-conscious red light that signals that it is dangerous to lose weight and become an attractive sex object?” she said.
“The bottom line is that if we have an unconscious belief that we do not deserve to be successful, or we are not good enough to achieve our goals, this negative vibration is blocking our way to success, no matter how much we try,” How do we find out what is going on in the subconscious? We ask the body. “I have been using energy muscle testing for 30 years,” she said.
“The First Key is, indeed, the Master Key, first to detect, then to remove sub-conscious sabotage.  The First Key is an absolutely necessary tool, as it unearths and removes real blocks on the path to achieving your goal – any goal,” she said.
“Most of what is written on your wall is subconscious.  Either it was too painful to remember, or it was just forgotten because so much time elapsed since it happened.  Yet, from down under, it has more power over you,” she said. “When you become aware of the enemy, you can face it, realize it is nonsense, and dismiss it as such.  When you are unaware of the enemy, it can stab you in the back.”

Subconscious sabotage can block you from achieving anything you want.


The book is perfect for people who are being sabotaged by their subconscious. “We all need it for one thing or another,” says Slonim.

For example:


The First Key is a simple manual, written for people who don’t need professional help. It shows how to detect sub-conscious sabotage and how to effectively remove it using short, simple, and easy to follow techniques
The book features a series of examples and questionnaires to let you know where you may need to check for sub-conscious sabotage.
The book comes with a DVD that showcases actual sessions with real clients Dr. Slonim has helped.

The price for the book and DVD is only $49.95.
To get free instructions on how to do muscle testing, go to
About Daphna Slonim, M.D.
Dr. Slonim is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in Beverly Hills since 1984. She was a co-director of two NATO projects, teaching psychologists how to effectively treat trauma, using energy psychology.


Daphna Slonim M.D.

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1.  Q:  What is Energy Muscle Testing?
A:  EMT is based on the science of Applied Kinesiology.  It has been used by holistic practitioners for more than 30 years since it was discovered by the chiropractor, Dr. Goodheart.

EMT is your ever-present, private polygraph.  By checking the strength of a muscle (any muscle), you can harness the wisdom of your body to get reliable answers to almost everything.  You probably know that a computer is operating with a series of 0’s and 1’s.  Likewise, the computer of your body will give you a “yes” or “no” answer by either a strong or weak muscle.  So, when a muscle is strong, it means “yes;” and a weak muscle means “no.”
You may not believe it, but your body knows more than you do.  Your body knows more than your brain.  Your body knows more than you know you know.  So, by using EMT, you can interview your body to get important information that otherwise you won’t have access to.
2.  Q:  What is making the muscle strong or weak?
A:  Everything that is true, that is good for you, that you are in harmony with, and is life-supporting, will make all your muscles strong; not only your muscles, but also your entire energy field and even your immune system.  Whereas, everything that is not true, that is not good for you, that is not life-supporting and can be detrimental to your health and well-being, will weaken all muscles.
3.  Q:  How can you explain it?
A: There are several attempts to explain it, but as always, when they are my explanations, it means that nobody knows for sure
As you know, we have an energy body.  According to Chinese medicine, the energy flows in 14 different meridians.  If the flow of the life energy (or Chi) is blocked in a certain meridian, it weakens the organs and muscles connected with this meridian.
Another explanation by the psychiatrist, Dr. David Hawkins, is that the body is like a small computer that is connected to the mainframe cosmic computer of the Divine.  This universal computer is the unified zero field of modern physics; so, as we have the Divine spark within us, we have access to the Akashic field of all knowledge.

4.  Q:  How to do EMT?
A:  I prefer to check the small muscles of the fingers by doing a circle between the thumb and ring finger like so:  It seems more accurate than using bigger muscles.  Using this muscle allows me, most of the time, to have a strong muscle with a true statement and a weak muscle with a false statement.

What I am doing is putting the index finger of both my hands into this ring from both sides, like so.  I tell you to state your true name and resist me.  I am not trying to abruptly pull the fingers apart, but I gently and gradually apply force to assess the strength of the muscle.  Since it is a true statement, it should be strong.
Now, I ask you to give me a false name, like “My name is John,” and resist.  Now, I am able to easily move your fingers apart.
5.  Q:  What if my partner is much stronger than I am?
A:  This is exactly why I am first making sure to calibrate and use a muscle that will be strong with a correct answer and weak with a false answer.  If your partner is much stronger, you may want to check his non-dominant hand.  If he is still strong, also with a false answer, you check the muscles between the thumb and ring finger.  The opposite is true if your partner is weaker than you.
If you get a weak muscle, even with a true statement, then you try a finger circle between the thumb and middle finger, or even between the thumb and index finger, which is usually the strongest.

Now, if your partner has problems with their hands, you can use any other muscle, such as shoulder muscles or even leg muscles.


6:  Q:  Can I test myself?
A:  Theoretically, you can, and there are different techniques to do it.  Yet, I do not recommend doing it, especially when you have subconscious sabotage.  Because when you do sabotage yourself, you cannot get reliable answers.  Your body would play tricks on you.  I know that the psychiatrist, John Diamond, when he started using EMT, used dynamometers.  These are special instruments that are used in medicine to objectively measure muscle strength.  I don’t use these machines.  They are pretty expensive, and I found it to be unnecessary.  But sometimes I wish I would have such a machine, because there are always skeptical people who do not believe the EMT is really working, they accuse me of not applying the same force.

7.  Q:  How do you use EMT in your clinic?
A:  Part I:  Even before I introduce my patients to the concept of testing for the presence of subconscious sabotage, I show them that the muscle gets strong with a positive affirmation and weak when they say something negative about themselves.

Then I tell them that the Dalai Lama said that when you go to the market, you buy the nice, shiny apple and not the rotten apple.  So, why would you choose a negative thought, especially when I show you how the negative thought weakens you?  Then I demonstrate that you don’t even have to say it; just think it.
8.  A:  Part II:  Then I go a step further and tell my patients to try and have a negative feeling, such as anger or hatred, and I show them how it weakens them.  We continue with me asking the person to feel love and demonstrate how higher feelings such as love, gratitude, and hope will make all the muscles strong.
I explain that it also strengthens the entire energy field around them and makes their immune system strong.  I ask my patient to frown, which weakens them and then to smile, which makes their muscles rock solid.  Then I give them an assignment to smile every hour on the hour, whether they feel like it or not.
9.  Q:  How can you prove that your body knows more than your brain?
A:  For that, I use two identical envelopes.  You don’t know what is in the envelopes, do you?  Your body knows.  Your wise body senses what is good for it, and it’ll tell you exactly what it likes and what it does not like by becoming either strong or weak.  Let’s try it.
I have been trying this with thousands of people with the same results.  This simple experiment never ceases to amaze me.  I am awe-struck in the face of the wisdom of Mother Earth.  But, when you come to think about it, even an amoeba, for its own survival knows without really knowing (because it doesn’t have a brain) to get closer to a source of food and getting away from acid.
10.  Q:  Can I use EMT to make decisions?
A:  Yes, but only after you remove subconscious sabotage; because if you have subconscious sabotage, you’ll be sabotaging yourself in finding all correct decisions.  For example, after you remove subconscious sabotage, to being happy in general and then to being healthy, you can ask your body what foods are good for you.  You can find out if you need food supplements, which brands, what is the correct dose, and for how long.  Or, if you remove subconscious sabotage to finding your soul-mate, you can ask your body before going on a date, “Is this person a suitable candidate?”


1.  Q:  If sabotage is subconscious, how do you find it?
A:  The subconscious has access to all details of your personal history that are long forgotten or were suppressed because they were too emotionally painful.  We know that, because we can reach these memories through hypnosis.
All psychologists since Freud tried to get access to the suppressed material.  It was a huge challenge, because the suppressed material is either too painful or too dangerous to face.  The patients had all kinds of defense mechanisms and resistance.  So Freud let his patients relax on the sofa and free-associate in order to get into the subconscious.
I found out that using EMT is actually the highway to the subconscious.  Any trauma or emotional issue that blocks the flow of life energy will weaken the muscle.  Then, we can use EMT to find more details about the subconscious issue that sabotages you.  We are doing it in a playful, non-threatening, non-judgmental way.  It is just playing 21 questions, except that we can ask unlimited numbers of questions.
I found out that after the body gets the answer, the person has a more difficult time denying it or getting defensive about it.  (One of the problems I encountered in psychotherapy is the patient’s defensiveness when touching a painful issue.  It is more difficult for the person to be defensive and deny having this issue once the body reveals it to be true.)
2.  Q:  How do you use EMT to detect Subconscious Sabotage?
A:  First, I calibrate; this means, as I explained in a previous video, that I make sure I find a muscle that is strong with true name and weak with a false one.  I always come back to a strong muscle with the correct name and then I tell the person, like I am telling you now, “Say, ‘I want to be happy;’” and I check  the muscle strength.
If the muscle is weak, it indicates to me, as well as to the surprised person, that although he is sure he wants to be happy, somewhere in the subconscious there is a force sabotaging it.
3:  Q:  How prevalent is Subconscious Sabotage?
A:  I found out in years of practice that 100% of my patients have subconscious sabotage to being happy.  This is no surprise.  Yet, what is surprising is that anywhere from 90-95% of the people I checked—friends, family, people at seminars—had subconscious sabotage to happiness.  I also found out that every single person I checked, including myself, had subconscious sabotage to one thing or another.  I also found that people feel better when I tell them that they are in “good company,” and that it is so common to have it.
4.  Q:  Why is it so prevalent?
A:  Because all of us are carrying feelings of shame and guilt and feelings that we are not good enough, not perfect, not unconditionally loved.  We also feel angry at our parents, siblings, and other authority figures.  We all had emotional traumas that we had to suppress because they were too painful to bear, or that we just forgot.  We all carry fears and insecurities because of our life experiences, because of our parents’ fears, because of being rejected, etc.
5.  Q:  What types of Subconscious Sabotage are there?
A:  I usually check for three major categories of subconscious sabotage using EMT with the statements:   I deserve…

Others deserve…

It is safe….
When the muscle is weak when checking for “I deserve to be happy,” it indicates subconscious feelings of not being good enough, feelings of guilt and/or shame.

When the muscle is weak when checking for “Others deserve…,” it usually indicates suppressed anger, hatred or revenge.
A weak muscle with “It is safe….” Usually indicates fears, anxiety, or feeling danger. It is usually related to earlier traumas.  For example a person who was molested sexually may feel it is unsafe to lose weight and become attractive.
6.  Q:  Can you explain what it means, “Others do not deserve that I’ll be happy.”
A:  This kind of subconscious sabotage is less intuitive to understand; Let’s look at an example.

I have a patient who suffered from terrible backaches.  Nothing helped.  In muscle testing, we found a weak muscle to the statement, “My husband deserves for me to be pain-free.”  What we found out was that her husband never helped her with the housework and the kids.  Yet, when she had a backache, she was bedridden, and he not only was forced to do all the housework and take care of the kids, he also had to take care of her.
This subconscious sabotage behind “Others do not deserve….,” usually came up in early childhood.  When a child is harshly punished, he cannot confront the parent directly, but he can punish the parent by failing at school, for example, if it is important for the parent that he be a good student.  The mechanism is totally subconscious.  “I’ll punish myself, and you’ll suffer, or you’ll feel guilty for not being nice to me.”
7.  Q:  Why do you always start by removing Subconscious Sabotage to happiness?
A:  Happiness is the larger umbrella that covers everything.  It is a general term, and everyone has their own understanding and definition for what happiness means for them.  So, if there is a subconscious sabotage to happiness, no other goal can be achieved, because achieving this goal may bring happiness.
Therefore, the first thing I check and correct is subconscious sabotage to happiness.  Then if I want, for example, to check and correct subconscious sabotage to losing weight, I first have to check if there is subconscious sabotage to health in general and only after correcting it can I move and address the issue of weight.

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