Blog Example of Past Life Trauma Causing a Phobia

Amanda had a great fear of chickens that did not make any sense to her.  She never had any trauma with chickens during her childhood.  Yet, the fear was so overwhelming, and she would freeze with terror and panic even when she was near a chicken in a cage or when seeing a poster of a chicken.  We then decided to do energy muscle testing with the affirmation:  “There is a past life trauma connected with chickens.”  Muscle strong, “yes.” We then narrowed it down to Italy in the 16th century.  She was a woman then.  Amanda then said she was having some vague memories, seeing herself pregnant in a barn.  We then checked muscle strength with the affirmation:  “Trauma in Italy in the 16th century, and the muscle was weak, indicating that this trauma still affects Amanda and weakens her energetically. We continued using EMT to narrow down the narrative of the trauma.  It came out that Amanda was a servant girl, and the son of the master of the house had sex with her, and then when she became pregnant sent her away.  She was walking from village to village.  It was winter and snowing when she gave birth in a barn.  She was so exhausted that she slept, only to discover that chickens were pecking her baby to death.  She ended up freezing to death and in emotional agony.  Amanda actually had vivid pictures of the barn and the chickens pecking her baby. Yet, there was no emotional load with those memories, only an understanding why she was so terrified of chickens.  “I want to release this trauma” – muscle weak, “no.” “I want to keep this trauma” – muscle strong, “yes”.  This made no sense to Amanda, but I explained this was because there was subconscious sabotage to release the trauma, and we continued to narrow it down:  “I deserve to release the trauma” – weak muscle, “no,” she did not deserve, showing she felt shame or guilt or feeling she was not good enough.  “Others deserve for me to release the trauma,” weak muscle, showing “no,” they don’t deserve it, indicating subconscious feelings of anger, hatred, and vindictiveness.  We checked for “The father of the baby deserves for me to release the trauma” – weak muscle, meaning no he did not deserve.  This was as expected, as he seduced her and then dumped her.  “My parents deserve for me to release the trauma” – weak muscle – “no,” they did not deserve, as they did not accept her back into their home and disowned her for being a “whore.” There was also weak muscle...

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Treating PTSD with EFT and The Sabotage Correction Technique

My article on Treating PTSD with EFT and The Sabotage Correction Technique has received a full 2 double page spread in the latest issue of AAMET LIFE Magazine. You can download the pdf version here. (right click the link and select “save as” to download) You can read the full article on their online digital magazine version here. To learn more about this, see my video about how self sabotage prevents recovery from...

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SCT (Sabotage Correction Technique) as a Form of Integrative Psychotherapy

In my book The First Key, How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage, I present four sabotage correction techniques, going from a very simple and short one to the most complicated the Personalized Forgiveness Affirmation (PFA). In the Personalized Forgiveness Affirmation (PFA), I incorporated a whole lot of psychotherapeutic approaches and techniques that I studied and used over the 36 years of my psychiatric practice. These include, among others, Freudian Psychoanalytic Principles, Jungian Principles, Applied Kinesiology, Energy Psychology, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Humanistic and Transcendental, Body Psychology, Rational Emotive, Rogerian: Person-Centered Psychotherapy, Narrative Psychology, Positive Psychology, and I maybe even forgot a few. In psychoanalysis, the basic premise is to reveal unconscious content to alleviate psychiatric tension. The basic assumption is that we suppress negative emotions, unacceptable desires that are dangerous to our survival or emotional well-being. The suppressed material becomes subconscious. The subconscious has no sense of time, so whatever was dangerous at age three (i.e., Oedipus complex), is still presumed dangerous. It takes psychic energy to continue suppressing it, even though it is no longer relevant or dangerous. Psychoanalysis’ aim is to discover the suppressed emotion or conflicts (complexes) and to bring it to the light of awareness and overcome resistance, realizing that it is no longer dangerous now. By doing so, the symptoms would disappear. I totally agree with the psychoanalytic premise but found a huge short cut. Instead of getting into the subconscious by using conscious material through free association, I use energy muscle testing. Everything that is true and good and has no cognitive dissonance or conflict attached to it would make all the muscles strong. This happens by the virtue of energy flowing freely in the body and the electromagnetic field; whereas, everything that is untrue, that has any cognitive dissonance, with some conflict attached to it, would make all muscles weak. Everything negative, harmful for you, anything that is not life-supporting will weaken the muscles by virtue of the energy flow in the body being blocked. I found Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) as the true highway to the subconscious. When a muscle is weak, notwithstanding all your efforts, you cannot deny that you have at least a conflict about the issue. You have to at least admit that you have to further explore it. This is a simple and short way to overcoming resistance. When I demonstrate the fact that negative thoughts weaken all muscles, I “take a hike” to explain the validity of cognitive psychotherapy. I show my patients why it is so important to monitor their thoughts and replace the negative ones with objective corrections. I also introduce the importance and power of Positive...

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Self Sabotage Prevents Recovery from Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD)

PTSD was diagnosed in at least 11-40% of Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives. That’s 223.4 million people. Up to 20% of these people go on to develop PTSD. As of today, that’s 31.3 million people who did or are struggling with PTSD. Throughout my 36 years of experience in psychiatric practice I became absolutely convinced that people cannot completely heal if they subconsciously feel they don’t deserve to heal, others don’t deserve it, or it is not safe for them to get over the trauma. Instead of putting people on the sofa for ten years, I get to the subconscious in a few seconds to detect the blockages. Then I use my Sabotage Correction Technique to get them...

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Fear of Success

Fear of success is as prevalent as fear of failure and is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are not fulfilling and maximizing their potential. Most of the time, the fear of success is subconscious. As such it has much power. When the enemy is unknown it can stab you in the back. When you shed the light of awareness over it you can rationally examine it, face it, debate it and dismiss it or use my SCT (Sabotage Correction Technique) to remove it. In my years of practice I found quite a few flavors and sub-flavors of the fear of success. A lot of people are subconsciously and even consciously afraid of the responsibilities that come with success. They are afraid success would take away too much time from fun, recreation and social activities. They fear that the time required achieving (and maintaining) success would interfere with their quality of life. They’ll have less time to sleep, exercise, and eat right or play. They may lose sleep worrying about losing it all. And it is much more painful crashing down from a high place. Another common fear is that once successful they’ll get a lot of unwanted attention. They’ll feel pressure to fulfill too high of expectations either from themselves or from others to always exceed their current success. People would expect from their successful friends or relatives to help them out financially or otherwise. I find that people are subconsciously blocking their success as they fear it is lonely up there. They are afraid to lose their friends. The friends may be resentful, or jealous, or feel intimidated. I had a patient who was afraid that her wealth would intimidate potential suitors. She was also afraid that people would marry her for her money and not for who she is. I had a patient who subconsciously did not exceed the amount of money his father made. He was subconsciously afraid of the father’s retaliation. Another person felt her father’s love comes to her in the form of financial support and subconsciously was afraid to lose his love should she be financially independent. A lot of artistic people live with the Archetype of the Starving Artist. They are subconsciously convinced that commercial success will compromise their art and authenticity. And then there is the spiritual angle: People are afraid that financial success would corrupt them, make them greedy and attached to material things. Some have the concept that their wealth is at the expense of all the millions who are starving. A patient of mine had the subconscious belief that once wealthy he’ll stop...

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Fear of Public Speaking – How to Get Rid of It Once and for All

The fear of public speaking is very prevalent. At least 40% of the people in the U.S. admit they dread to speak in public. There are numerous public speaking classes, courses, and public speaking trainings, including Toast Masters, that attempt to address this issue. Yet, I am convinced that none of the approaches are going to be optimally efficient, if you have subconscious sabotage to public speaking. Public speaking fears do indeed appear to be the number one social fear held by Americans.   Speaking up in meetings or in class is a close second. The fear of public speaking also has economical implications. 60% of people get turned down for a job because they don’t have good enough communication skills. In my 35 years of psychiatric practice I treated many patients with severe social phobia. I tried a variety of treatment modalities including medications, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and even hypnosis, with only limited success. Then it occurred to me to use Energy Muscle Testing to test for subconscious sabotage. Using my Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) to remove the sabotage enabled most patients to finally get rid of their fear. Sometimes SCT alone was enough for overcoming the fear. However, most of the times there was an early trauma, causing the sabotage. This trauma usually came from early childhood, when the person was humiliated in a classroom, by a teacher or laughed at and ridiculed by his friends. In the last year, I combined forces with Alexa Fischer, who is an extra-ordinary media trainer, to conduct weekend seminars called Speak Up!  I found out, that very similar to my patients, all seminar participants, without exception, also had subconscious sabotage to public speaking, stemming from an early childhood humiliating event. After removing the sabotage using SCT, I used Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and modified eye-movement release, to erase the emotional effects of the humiliating early events. Only then, were the seminar participants able to optimally benefit from Alexa’s work, implementing the actual tips and techniques on how to be effective public...

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