Blog Example of Past Life Trauma Causing a Phobia

Amanda had a great fear of chickens that did not make any sense to her.  She never had any trauma with chickens during her childhood.  Yet, the fear was so overwhelming, and she would freeze with terror and panic even when she was near a chicken in a cage or when seeing a poster of a chicken. 

We then decided to do energy muscle testing with the affirmation:  “There is a past life trauma connected with chickens.”  Muscle strong, “yes.”

We then narrowed it down to Italy in the 16th century.  She was a woman then.  Amanda then said she was having some vague memories, seeing herself pregnant in a barn.  We then checked muscle strength with the affirmation:  “Trauma in Italy in the 16th century, and the muscle was weak, indicating that this trauma still affects Amanda and weakens her energetically.

We continued using EMT to narrow down the narrative of the trauma.  It came out that Amanda was a servant girl, and the son of the master of the house had sex with her, and then when she became pregnant sent her away. 

She was walking from village to village.  It was winter and snowing when she gave birth in a barn.  She was so exhausted that she slept, only to discover that chickens were pecking her baby to death.  She ended up freezing to death and in emotional agony. 

Amanda actually had vivid pictures of the barn and the chickens pecking her baby. Yet, there was no emotional load with those memories, only an understanding why she was so terrified of chickens. 

“I want to release this trauma” – muscle weak, “no.”

“I want to keep this trauma” – muscle strong, “yes”. 

This made no sense to Amanda, but I explained this was because there was subconscious sabotage to release the trauma, and we continued to narrow it down:  “I deserve to release the trauma” – weak muscle, “no,” she did not deserve, showing she felt shame or guilt or feeling she was not good enough.  “Others deserve for me to release the trauma,” weak muscle, showing “no,” they don’t deserve it, indicating subconscious feelings of anger, hatred, and vindictiveness. 

We checked for “The father of the baby deserves for me to release the trauma” – weak muscle, meaning no he did not deserve.  This was as expected, as he seduced her and then dumped her. 

“My parents deserve for me to release the trauma” – weak muscle – “no,” they did not deserve, as they did not accept her back into their home and disowned her for being a “whore.”

There was also weak muscle when we checked:  “God deserves for me to release the trauma.”  What kind of God is allowing all these terrible things to happen?

When we checked, “It is safe for me to release this trauma,” the muscle also was weak, showing Amanda subconsciously felt holding on to the trauma was protecting her in some way.

We proceeded with the Forgiveness Affirmation to correct all types of sabotage, and we finally got a strong muscle with the affirmation, “There is a 100% subconscious support for me to release the trauma.”  Yet, when we re-checked muscle strength with “Trauma in Italy in the 16th century,” the muscle was still weak, indicating that even though there was no longer sabotage to release the trauma, the energy of the trauma still affected Amanda. 

Muscle testing showed that Visual Field/Kinesiology was the optimal way to correct that energetic effect.  After we completed it, the muscle became strong when we re-checked for “The trauma in Italy in the 16th century.”  This showed the trauma was completely removed, but I still wanted to see results in Amanda’s life.  A few months later, Amanda went with a group of friends to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, where hens and roosters roam free, and she was completely free of anxiety.

You can also see a demonstration of the Visual Field/Kinesiology here.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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