More on Psychological Reversal and Thinking Out of the Box

My new article on Psychological Reversal has been featured in the latest issue of ACEP’s The Energy Field publication.

“In the Second issue of The Energy Field, here were two excellent articles address- ing Psychological Reversal. They were in response to Gary Craig’s recent posting on his ‘Basic Recipe.’ “The term Psychological Reversal (PR) has been eliminated because, after years of experience, I think it was mis- named.”

Philippe Isler, in his article ‘Psychological Reversals: Do they exist?’ pointed out that energy practitioners are “…getting very similar results with highly different energy- focused techniques” with or without words, with or without tapping or holding points or chakras. Similarly, in dealing with observed blocks, practitioners applied different solu- tions with similar effectiveness. He suggested that “what works for us seems to be generally related to what is congruent, what fits, what we can own and feel comfortable with rather than the technique itself. (In fact, it has already been shown in psychotherapeutic research that the most consistent predictor of therapy outcome is not the approach or techniques used, but the therapeutic relationship.”
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You can download the pdf version here. (right click the link and select “save as” to download)

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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