The Law of Attraction and Karma

Rhonda Byrne’s book and movie, The Secret, sold 21 million copies.  It served an important mission:  It popularized the Law of Attraction and emphasized the importance of Positive Thinking.

It also focused on feeling gratitude, as if you already received what you focused on.  It introduced the power of visualization and “dream boards.”  The bottom line is that you can have whatever you want if you can imagine it with feelings.  All the information in The Secret is not new.  It follows Wallace Wattles’ 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich and Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich.

While the information in The Secret is true, it is not the entire truth.  There is a lot that is missing.  Most of the people who were interviewed in the film realized that and wrote their own versions of what was missing.  What is the secret behind The Secret? 

For example, Joe Vitale wrote a few books:  The Attraction Factor.  In 2009, he published The Key: the Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want.  He writes:  “Obviously, getting clear of your inner blocks is the missing secret to attracting whatever you want.”  And in 2011, he expanded on this theme in his book, Instant Manifestation: the Real Secret of Attracting What You Want.  He brings the subconscious into the equation.  He even devised a DVD with a hypnotherapist, which gives you subliminal suggestions, directed to your subconscious, to try to influence your subconscious in a positive way.

I find it to be a brilliant marketing idea.  Yet, the problem is not going to be solved if you have subconscious sabotage.  If you have a conflict between what you consciously feel and whatever feelings you have in your subconscious, the subconscious will always win.  It is much more powerful.

Jack Canfield, who was one of The Secret contributors, wrote the book, Key to Living the Law of Attraction.  In the book, he writes that the tools include:  affirmation, visualization, attitude (gratitude), prayer and meditation, action, and belief.

In 2011, Bob Doyle, another of the people interviewed in The Secret, published his book, Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power:  Everything You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction.

And, in 2009, Bob Proctor wrote, Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness.  In this book, he basically recommended to begin by being happy and grateful, and this is the magnet for abundance.

Before the movie, The Secret, Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote a series of best-sellers about the Law of Attraction: The Power of Deliberate Intent, and The Art of Allowing.  Esther supposedly channels a non-incarnate being by the name of Abraham, who gives her knowledge about using the Law of Attraction to manifest things.  They have millions of followers worldwide.  The teaching is a great teaching and is basically correct and useful.  The teaching states that whatever you focus on, you attract.  So, you can reach for better feeling thoughts.

Abraham’s teachings introduced an Emotional Guidance Scale with 22 grades of feelings with fear/grief/depression/despair/powerlessness at the bottom, going through insecurity and guilt, up to hatred, then up to anger, higher still to worry, doubt, disappointment, frustration and boredom, and then onto contentment, hopefulness, positive expectations, happiness, passion, with joy, love, and appreciation at the top of the emotional scale.  You first take inventory, finding where you are at on this scale.  From there, you continually look for a way that feels slightly better.

It is of note that Esther Hicks, the woman who actually channels the entity Abraham, was also interviewed for The Secret movie, but for some reason the footage ended up on the editing floor.  I suspect that this was because they did not want to include “channeled” information, which might undermine the credibility of the movie.  Yet, regardless of the issue of whether the information in Abraham’s message was indeed channeled, I regard it as true and valid, except for some disagreement I have, which I will discuss below.

According to “Abraham,” we humans are electromagnets.  We vibrate at a certain wavelength, according to the level of our feelings and not so much the nature of our thoughts.  So, as stated above, on Abraham’s ladder (as opposed to Jacob’s ladder), from whatever rung you are on, you are supposed to help yourself  up the ladder by convincing self talk. You continually look for a way that you can feel slightly better.  Once you reach a “higher emotion” you’ll vibrate at this wavelength, and this will attract you to people and experiences that vibrate at the same wavelength.  You have to trust that it is happening, and if the things you want to attract are not coming your way, it is either still in “vibrational escrow” waiting to materialize, or you are not yet “worthy” of what you want to attract, as your emotional vibrations do not truly match it.

The principle of affecting emotions by objective self talk is the essence of the powerful cognitive psychotherapy technique.  While you cannot change your emotions, you have complete control of what you think, and your thoughts are directly affecting your feelings.  Your thoughts have to be convincing enough for you to believe in them.

The power of positive thinking and positive feelings has been fueling a new branch of psychology called Positive Psychology, which was pioneered by Dr. Seligman and is getting enthusiastic supporters worldwide.

What I am in disagreement with in all of the above mentioned techniques is that all completely ignore the subconscious.  “Abraham” dismisses it as negligible and “not that important.”  I must disagree.

97% of what is happening in our brain is subconscious.  For every million nerve shootings in the conscious mind, there are trillions of nerve shootings that we are unaware of.  Most of what is affecting our feelings is below the level of our awareness.

Most of us have suppressed negative emotions.  We have negative impressions of ourselves created by early life experiences.  The average parent gives negative remarks many more times than they give praise.  We are being socialized by guilt and shame.  We are programmed to be subdued and considerate of other people and to be “nice” and not show or ever admit to ourselves negative or unacceptable emotions.

A lot of times the programming is clipping our wings; teaching us learned helplessness and undermining our self confidence and self esteem.  In other words, there are a lot of bugs in our small P. C. computer, most of them subconscious.

Since for a small child feeling hate or having murderous impulses towards a caretaker is extremely dangerous, these feelings have to be suppressed.  We suppress the part of us that we don’t want to recognize in ourselves.  This is what Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, called the “Shadow.”

From down under, the Shadow is our enemy as it vibrates at a low vibrational rate.  It attracts to us, according to the Universal Law of Attraction, all the negative people and negative experiences and circumstances, and we are not even aware of what is going on.  In addition to the Shadow, there are many other negative imprints based on negative life experiences and many people “writing on your wall.”  These negative imprints and supposed negative emotions is what I call “subconscious sabotage.”  It is my understanding that this is how Karma works.

Karma, like the Law of Attraction, is another Universal Law.  It is the Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Cause and Effect.  Whatever you’ve done unto others will be done unto you.  It is basically the Biblical Law of “An Eye for an Eye.”

The believers in Karma see a multi-incarnation course, which explains seeming injustice in the world that we see around us:  bad people prosper and bad things happen to good people.  Since we are all energy, and we are electromagnets, all suppressed negativity is attracting to us similar experiences and circumstances, which enables us to have a second chance of dealing with these circumstances in a different way, in order to better ourselves and grow spiritually.  Once we “get it;” once we do the “right thing” spiritually speaking, we graduate and no longer need to face it.  The negative imprint is released.

This is how Karma and the Law of Attraction work together as our spiritual teachers.  The secret the real secret, is that we can release negative Karma by forgiving ourselves and others and loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally.  Even if we are emotionally still unprepared to do it, we can achieve it by connecting with our Higher Self, the Divine Spark in us, whose essence is unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, and mercy.  So, we have shortcuts to dealing with bad karma, by detecting and releasing the subconscious negative emotions and negative imprints in our blueprint. Thus, my Sabotage Correction Technique is essentially a shortcut to get rid of bad Karma, enhance spiritual growth, and attract better things to our life.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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