How to Repair Karma

Before Mary married John, he was a complete gentleman.  He was considerate and attentive.  He appeared to be stable and mellow.  After the marriage, there was a complete transformation.  He was abusive and emotionally cold.  He would drink with his friends, come home drunk, and beat her up.  By that time, she had children and stayed in the marriage “for the children’s sake.”

When the children grew up, and after she had some therapy, Mary decided to divorce John.  Two years later, she met Andy, who was exactly what she dreamed about:  He was so nurturing and kind.  After a year of courtship, they married.  Soon thereafter, she discovered Andy’s true nature.  He was a tyrant.  He expected her to serve him and be there for him to attend to his needs. When she tried setting boundaries, he became abusive; first, verbally by putting her down and cussing her.  Then the beating started.

At that time, Mary came to see me.  She was devastated.  She was confused and at a total loss what to do.  She started divorce proceedings, but was already afraid about her future relationships.  She was wondering what was going on and why she was cursed with “bad karma” in her marriages.

I, of course, suspected that one of her parents was abusive and that we have another case of “repetitious compulsion.”  Yet, she reported she had a good childhood.  Both her parents were nice and supportive.  Her father was not an alcoholic and was not verbally or physically abusive.  This puzzled me, so I was looking forward to finding what the subconscious had to say.

Using Energy Muscle Testing, we started (as I usually do) by checking, “I want to be happy.”  The muscle was weak, indicating that subconsciously there was a subconscious sabotage to happiness in general.  Mary was totally spellbound by this and did not believe it.  “But I do want to be happy,” she kept on repeating.

When I checked the muscle strength, when Mary said, “I want to be unhappy,” it was strong.  This proved to Mary that while consciously she wanted to be happy, subconsciously she wanted to be unhappy.  These subconscious negative feelings attracted to her the negative circumstances that caused her to feel miserable.

I see these subconscious feelings as the way karma is being manifested.  If you have negative emotions, you attract negative people and circumstances.  If you have positive feelings, you attract positive people and circumstances.  Knowing that, we can repair bad karma by detecting and removing negative feelings and imprints that are suppressed in our subconscious and energy field.  First, we need to use Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) to locate (and identify?) the bad feelings.  Then we can apply the Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) to remove them.

In the case of Mary, we discovered through EMT that she felt she did not deserve to be happy because she felt she was a bad student.  She failed in school.  She had bad grades, as she had problems concentrating and probably had Attention Deficit Disorder, which was never diagnosed or treated.  Mary grew up feeling that she was stupid and inferior.  She was not aware that her feelings translated into subconscious feelings that she is undeserving of happiness.

Once we discovered it, we were able to remove this subconscious wrong concept by using a special SCT procedure called the Personalized Forgiveness Affirmation.  This technique is a combination of personally tailored affirmations combined with some sensory stimulation of neuro-lymphatic points of the skin.

The affirmation was simple and effective.  It worked by combining a few important principles of psychotherapy:

  • Insight (understanding the problem).
  • Empathy (having compassion for herself as a child with this problem).
  • Non-judgmental acceptance.
  • Forgiveness to self (for subconsciously holding this concept and messing up her life thus far).
  • Forgiveness to others (for not diagnosing and treating the ADD).
  • Connecting with her own Higher Power.
  • Releasing of negative emotions (of inferiority, resentment, anger, fear, guilt, and shame).
  • Replacing the negative concept with a positive concept and core belief that she was not inferior and that she has the birthright to happiness.
  • Replacing the negative emotions towards herself with positive feelings of unconditional love and acceptance.

Don’t feel intimidated by these psychological principles, as I used them all when I composed the Forgiveness Affirmation in the book.  All you need to do is just repeat the affirmation while gently massaging two points in your upper chest and just inserting your own issues that you’ve discovered doing muscle testing according to the protocol outlined in the book.

There are so many books and methods that try to address subconscious sabotage and remove it in a variety of complicated and lengthy protocols.  What I tried to do in my book, The First Key:  How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage, is to go directly to the point in finding exactly where your own specific issue lies, where your “bad karma” is coming from; then to help you to easily and quickly remove it.

If you want to learn more about Subconscious Sabotage, what it is, and how to clear it… My book, The First Key, is a simple, do-it-yourself manual showing you how to detect if, indeed, you have subconscious sabotage and how to effectively remove it using short, simple, and easy to follow techniques. This book will guide you through it:

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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