Release The Fear of Public Speaking – Online Course


Identify and Remove Your Public Speaking Anxiety Once and For All Using Incredibly Effective, Simple Techniques. An online course by Dr. Daphna Slonim & Alexa Fischer.

Release Your Fear of Public Speaking is different from other speaking courses.

Here’s why:

  • We use science-backed, psychologist-developed methods to help you work through your fear – these aren’t just ‘tips and tricks’
  • You’ll learn why these methods work – because knowledge really is power
  • Dr. Slonim and I help you pinpoint where your fear started and how to work through it
  • You’ll discover techniques to calm + center yourself when you start to get nervous
  • You’ll see case studies from actual patients and witness how these techniques have transformed them

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel in control again? To jump up when someone asks you to say a few words about a project? To volunteer to share your insights with the group? To feel confident and clever when you’re called upon to speak – not shaky and sweaty? It’s possible.

Even better? You can get started today and see changes almost immediately.



It’s time to heal your wound and release your fear.

Imagine the freedom that comes with confidence. No more invisible walls between you and your fullest potential. No more gnawing doubts that fill you with insecurity. Just the effortless ease of knowing that you can do it. So when the moment to shine arrives, you jump. No questions asked.

In this class you will:

• Identify the incident that created the fear
• Understand the power of the body to give you insights of genius
• Learn Energy Psychology techniques to release symptoms of distress
• Receive tools to build confidence around speaking
• Experience an ACTUAL patient session to the see the procedure in action

It’s time to experience life free from the fear that has burdened you. It’s time for you to taste life on the other side. We are here to help show you the way. Join us now.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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