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How to Remove Past Life Trauma Without Traumatizing Yourself All Over Again By Re-experiencing It.

Past life regression became popular by Dr. Bryan Weiss, using hypnosis.
However, this method is excruciatingly painful, as you need, in the hypnotic trance, to experience the previous trauma and death.

Now there is a technique that allows you to find past life trauma that blocks you, and release is totally pain-free.

I’ve accomplished this by combining three unique methods, into this simple 3 step process:

1. We find out if there was indeed any past life trauma, and it’s details, when, where, and what happened during the traumatic event. We do this using Energy Muscle Testing (EMT), which works by inquiring and confirming information from your subconscious without bringing up the memory and so it’s emotional reactions, into the conscious level.

2. We then use the same method to detect if there is any subconscious blockage that might prevent the removal of the trauma, and use my technique of removing subconscious sabotage (Sabotage Correction Technique), as detailed in my book The First Key.

3. Once we have a strong muscle with the affirmation: “I have 100% subconscious support for me to release the trauma using the same Energy Muscle Testing technique”, we then use my Visual Field/Kinesiology technique to release the trauma.

Mary came to me, as she felt blocked in her spiritual development. She could not go into deep meditation without feeling fear.

When we looked for subconscious sabotage, we discovered that the muscle was weak when she stated, “It is safe for me to meditate deeply.”

Mary had no idea what could be unsafe. We explored issues of losing control, etc. She did not have any.

With further EMT, it appeared that this was a result of a past life trauma. We narrowed it down with muscle testing to one lifetime she had in Japan in the 13th century. At that time she was a concubine of the Emperor and was a student of a Zen Master. When the Emperor discovered it, he beheaded her and a few other students and sent the spiritual teacher to exile.

We were able to remove the trauma using my Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) and then Visual Field/Kinesiology (VFK), which I will describe below.

These techniques are totally painless, requiring no memory of the trauma and no reliving the trauma (like in past life regression with hypnosis, etc.).

Interestingly enough, the next week Mary brought me an article she Googled about the Emperor in the 13th century, and the entire story was verified. She found the name of the Zen Master in the 13th century that was sent into exile. This was a real validation for Mary and for me that the muscle testing is accurate, and there is something innate in us that has knowledge or access to the Akashic Records. And, yes, Mary was able to meditate deeply after we removed the sabotage.

You can find information about EMT on You can read about removing subconscious sabotage to remove trauma on my blog and watch me using the Visual Field/Kinesiology Technique with someone, removing trauma in her childhood. The same principles apply.

Just to briefly summarize: Before releasing trauma, we first need to muscle test and release any subconscious sabotage to removing the trauma. We need to first clear feelings of guilt and shame that are causing a weak muscle when you declare, “I deserve to release this trauma.” Then we need to clear feelings of hatred, anger, and vindictiveness that cause a weak muscle when you declare, “The perpetrator(s) deserve(s) that I clear this trauma.”

Then it is important to check and clear, “God deserves for me to clear this trauma.” A lot of people are angry at God for allowing the trauma to happen.

Then you need to clear for a possible weak muscle when declaring, “It is safe for me to clear this trauma.” Only when you have a strong muscle when you declare, “I have 100% subconscious support for me to release this trauma,” you can check via EMT if there is a need to use any other technique to remove the trauma.

I found out that most of the time just clearing the subconscious sabotage is enough. However, sometimes there is a need to use some other techniques. Sometimes it is E.F.T., N.E.T., Reconnection, etc. Yet, most of the time we need to do the VFK, which is a simple technique.

This technique is a modification and expansion of the Donna Eden Eye Pattern Release described in her book, Energy Medicine (Putnam, New York, 1998, page 330).

“Have your partner do the figure 8 with one hand as you keep the (stressful) memory in your mind and follow the figure 8 with your eyes. The tester stops every few inches and does the general indicator test. At any eye position that you test weak, hold your neurovascular for at least 20 seconds while continuing to look at the tester’s fingers. Eventually the memory loses its emotional charge, and you will test strong.”

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Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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