Technique for Trauma Release.

Trauma can be easily released using Visual Field/Kinesiology technique that is very simple to use, and does not require talking about the painful experience.

First I detect and remove subconscious sabotage to let go of the trauma, using my SCT (Sabotage Correction Technique). Then I ask the person to stand up with one arm to the side and resist me when I attempt to push the arm down (kinesiology). At the same time the person, with his head fixed at the center, is asked to follow my fingers, that I move systematically covering the entire visual field (Visual Field).

I ask the person to mentally connect with the trauma that she intends to release. Just the intent to release the trauma is all we need.  There is no need to talk about it, relive it or remember any details.

When at a certain point in the Visual field I encounter a weak muscle, I stay there for a few seconds till the weak muscle becomes strong again. Then I proceed to other points till I reach another point with an associated weak muscle, and I stay there till the muscle is strong.

I learned this technique from the High Priestess of Energy Medicine Donna Eden. Except Donna only did it using a horizontal figure 8 in the visual field.

I found in my practice that it is not enough and we need to cover the entire visual field. I also found out that it is mandatory to first remove subconscious sabotage to let go of the trauma.

After we get a strong muscle with the statement: “There is a 100% subconscious support to release the trauma” we can ask the body, with energy muscle testing what is the preferred method to release it.

Usually I found that about 60% of the time VF/K is the preferred method. About 30% it is EFT. In 10% there are other methods such as N.E.T, Reconnection, Heart assisted Therapy, Logosynthesis etc.

The beauty of this technique is that it is extremely simple and can be completed within minutes.

Regarding the possible mechanism of actions, I can refer you to the proposed mechanism of action for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) that is one of the current methods of choice to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is used by the Veteran Administration to treat Veterans.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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