Past Life Trauma Affecting Sexual Behavior

Jennifer came with her husband, who complained that his wife is being passive during their sex. She never initiates. She just “lies there” letting him do with her as he pleases. It is a complete turn-off for him.

After we took a complete history and found no problem and no trauma causing Jennifer’s attitude towards sex, we decided to use Energy Muscle Testing (EMT), The tested muscle was strong when we tested with the affirmation: “It is related to past life trauma.”

We again, using EMT, narrowed the trauma to the 12th century in Greece. Jennifer was then a widow with a baby. Jennifer had a vivid memory of this lifetime, and she described that she was Jewish, and her husband died from the flu. Both her husband and her baby were sick, and she attended to the baby and felt guilty she could not save her husband. She then felt she did not deserve to have the pleasure of being a spouse.

Jennifer vividly saw in her mind’s eye a memory from this past life “a person of authority with a huge beard” who took care of her and her son. She said he loved her, but even though she cared about him, she did not love him. She agreed to have sex with him but was passive and just let him do with her body as he pleased. She felt dissociated from her body at the time they had intercourse.

Jennifer felt she put herself in purgatory as penance for not giving her husband enough attention to save him, as she put her efforts towards saving the baby. By not enjoying sex, she was showing her dead husband she still loved him.

When Jennifer had this detailed memory, she immediately saw the connection to how she behaves with her husband as a result of the trauma in Greece. She had a weak muscle with the affirmations: “I deserve to release this trauma;” “my husband then deserves for me to release the trauma;” “God deserves for me to release the trauma;” and “it is safe for me to release the trauma.”

Once we performed Forgiveness Affirmations to clear all of these, we finally got a strong muscle with, “I have 100% subconscious support for me to release this trauma.” Now the muscle that was weak before with “trauma in Greece in the 12th century,” became strong, showing that the trauma was released.

During their following visit Jennifer and her husband were happy to report during their following visit about a complete change in Jennifer’s sexual behavior. She initiated sex and was more active. She reported the experience to be pleasurable.

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Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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