Remove Past Life Trauma Without Traumatizing Yourself All Over Again

  • Do you feel you are stuck because of past life trauma?
  • Do you want to clear karma caused by past life guilt?
  • Do you have fears you cannot explain and you suspect they relate to a previous life?
  • Are you unable or reluctant to undergo hypnosis?

Past life regression became popular by Dr. Bryan Weiss, using hypnosis.
However, this method is excruciatingly painful, as you need, in the hypnotic trance, to experience the previous trauma and death.

Do you want to release past life trauma without re experiencing it all over again in an hypnotic trance?

Now Dr Slonim, a Board certified psychiatrist, is using a variety of energy psychology techniques to find out and clear the trauma and/ or bad karma without an hypnotic trance and without re-traumatizing yourself.

You can read more about this method here, and if you are ready to free yourself from the trauma and karma of your past life, schedule a session with Dr. Slonim today:

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