Psychic Energy- How Vulnarable are You?

To test how vulnerable you are (and we are all very vulnerable) you need to engage a few of your friends. 

Have one person stand with their back in front of another few friends. Have this person raise one hand to the side and check muscle strength. The muscle should be strong.

Instruct the group that when you signal them, (behind this person’s back) with your thumb down, they should send this person (in their mind) bad energy. For example: think how weak he is, or how insignificant etc. When you make them a thumb up signal they should have loving and supporting thoughts.

Now, make a thumb down signal and check the muscle again. It becomes very weak.
Make a thumb up signal and see the muscle now strong.

When you are done with this friend, stand yourself with your back to the group, and have another person be the tester, signaling behind your back and testing the muscle of your stretched arm.

IT IS TOTALLY AMAZING but it is true.

Repeat this, making signals with your thumb up and down at random, checking muscle strength after each one till you’ll be totally convinced that our wise body responds to psychic energy. It also responds to other energies in the environment.

The good thing is that a simple technique can protect you and make you invulnerable to the bad energies coming your way.


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Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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