Making Money, Investing Money, Saving Money – Do You Sabotage Your Money Line?

Is the Law of Attraction working for you?

It always does. It is a Universal law.
But what exactly are you attracting?

You say positive affirmations.
You work hard. You visualize yourself as a millionaire.
You create Dream Boards, like they showed in The Secret.
Still nothing much is happening.

Do you stop believing in the Law of Attraction?

Or maybe you subconsciously sabotage yourself?
Are the magnets in your subconscious attracting something else?

Okay, you may not be aware of it, but if there is something disruptive in your subconscious about making money, you are not going to be successful at making it.

You’ll find many excuses. You may think it is because you are not focused enough, that you don’t do enough research, that there is too much information etc., etc.

What is going on underneath the surface?

  • Do you feel you deserve to make more money?
  • Are you too young?
  • Too old?
  • Uneducated?
  • Is it safe for you?

The good news is that all the answers are available literally at your fingertips.

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The book The First Key, How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage (Now available also as an e-book here) outlines technique that not only allows you to find what is causing the subconscious sabotage – but also how to easily and quickly remove it.
Fear-based subconscious sabotage occurs when people feel it is unsafe for them to achieve a goal either from fear of failure or fear of success.

Fear of failure is more common than fear of success.

Fear of success is less intuitively known, but it can come from a variety of sources.

Why should you fear financial success?


  • What if you become unsuccessful again?
  • You have a fear of the unknown.
  • You’ll have more responsibilities.

Or you may have any of the following types of beliefs or fears:

  • You may have the subconscious belief that when you’ll be successful your friends and family would be jealous or resentful, or they’ll take advantage of you.
  • You may have the belief that once successful you’ll be too busy to enjoy life, or you’ll lose your family.
  • It is not spiritual.
  • You may believe you cannot be financially successful as a woman.

Let’s take Leslie as an example:

Leslie, a scientist, was terrible at investing money. She kept making bad investments. I asked her how she invested, and she stated that she listened to the advice of friends who were good investors. She also followed the advice of a broker who was recommended to her by a friend. Some of the investments she made online, based on the advice of experts she listened to on the radio and TV.

I asked her: “Do you really want to make better investments?”
She said: “Of course I want to make better investments otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”
Then I said: “Let’s see what your body has to say?”
And she said: “What does that mean?”

I explained that muscle testing is the language that the body talks.

Your muscle strength comes from your inner truth… and your doubts and fears will show up as weakness.

As we practiced it I let her put her thumb and ring finger together forming a circle. Iasked her to say: “I want to make better investments” and I tried to pull her fingers apart, breaking the circle. To Leslie’s big surprise her muscle was very weak. I was able to easily pull her fingers apart. Remember weakness means “No.” Her body said she did not want to make better investments.
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Leslie stated it was impossible for her to want to lose all this money. It made no sense. Iagreed that consciously she did not want to lose money, but we needed to ask the body.

We checked muscle strength with different affirmations, as detailed in the book. When we checked “My mother deserves that I’ll make good investments,” the muscle was weak.

Then we started to explore why. Leslie remembered the message she received from her mother as a child that women were not good at business. “Money is a man’s thing,” she would often say. So Leslie’s father controlled the money and made all investment and business decisions even though he made bad investments.

Leslie felt angry with her mother for allowing her father to take financial control. She believed the family would have been much better off if her mother had handled the money. Leslie realized she did the exact same thing. Instead of using her brilliant mind to choose investments, she relied upon male associates or brokers.

Once she realized what she was doing and why, it became easy to remove the sabotage. She decided to take an investment seminar, read about every stock thoroughly before investing. Leslie then started to make good investments.

From my years of practice, I became convinced that whether we are talking about money, career, relationships or health, you cannot achieve your goal if you have subconscious sabotage.

The sabotage can be because you subconsciously feel you do not deserve it, that you are not good enough. Or it could be a result of anger or mainly a result of fear.

The good news is that I have developed an effective tool, the Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT), to detect and remove the sabotage, to whatever is stopping you.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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