How to have better orgasms?

Do you sabotage yourself out of having the best orgasms ever?

This time I would like to address the subject of female orgasms and how to remove subconscious sabotage to reaching the best orgasms or multiple orgasms.
At another time I’ll address the issue of male orgasm, as the sabotage is different to a great extent, when we are looking at subconscious issues.

For example, whereas men would be inhibited, consciously or subconsciously with insecurity about penis size, potency, premature or delayed ejaculation, or fears about being emasculated or tricked, women are more concerned with fear of physical brutality, rape, pregnancy etc.

Of course there are fears that are common to both genders: Fear of rejection, of STD’s, of not appearing normal, of losing control, of being abandoned, manipulated, shamed, ridiculed, exploited and many more.

Remember sex is not in your body—sex is in your mind—and it is not what you consciously think about it, but what your subconscious has to say. So if there is something in your subconscious that says sex is bad for whatever reason, you are not going to get pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life.

So, how to proceed with detecting sabotage?

After we correct subconscious sabotage to happiness in general, we can move into checking EMT with the statement: “I deserve to have better orgasms.” Usually here there are issues related to guilt or shame, stemming from childhood.

Take for example Becky. She tested weak to this statement and remembered that when her grandma found her masturbating she beat her up and told her what she did was a sin and she should be ashamed of herself. After clearing the sabotage, Becky’s sex life became much more enjoyable.

We then have to check and correct for: “Others deserve for me to have better orgasms.”

Julie for example, who tested weak with this statement, discovered through EMT that her first boyfriend did not deserve it, as he dumped her shortly after he took her virginity.

Beth, tested weak and discovered she felt angry at the nuns, at her Catholic high-school, who called her a whore when she was found kissing.

Lara discovered, to her own surprise, that subconsciously she felt her husband did not deserve for her to have better orgasms, as he would not agree to buy new furniture for the living room. She subconsciously punished him for being stingy and not fulfilling her desires.

Then we have to check EMT with the statement “It is safe for me to have better orgasms.”

Joan tested weak with this statement and discovered that she did not feel safe to tell her husband how to pleasure her. We found that as a child, when she really wanted this expensive toy and would not stop crying to her father for it, he harshly punished her. So, in her subconscious there was the equation: Asking for what I want is dangerous. Once this sabotage was removed, Joan was able to communicate her needs to her husband. This dramatically changed her ability to enjoy sex. It also improved their intimacy.

Edwina, who also tested weak to the same statement, had a different issue. She found out that subconsciously she was afraid to reveal her “kinky” sexual fantasies and appear to be a “sleazy slut” losing respect of her fiancé.

Martha, on the other hand, discovered that she avoided using sex toys, even though they gave her strong orgasms. She subconsciously felt it was unsafe for her, because then she would not enjoy having “regular” sex with her husband that much.

The Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) helped all these women enjoy a very happy and pleasurable ending.

Check it out for yourself. The rewards are definitely worth it.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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