Example of Relationship Obsession Resulting from Past Life Issue

Robert came to see me because he was obsessed with a former girlfriend, Melissa, who ended their relationship after a few months of dating.  He could not stop thinking about her, made efforts to meet with her, wrote her texts and emails, called her, and felt he could not live without her.  The strange thing is, he said, he was not in love with her.  She was not the first girlfriend who broke up with him, so it was not a result of a wounded ego.

While dating, the relationship was not good.  They were impatient and irritated with each other.  So, Robert could not possibly explain his obsession.  It was totally out of proportion and had no logical explanation.  He came to me, as he suspected it involved a past life trauma.

We used Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) with the affirmation “My obsession with Melissa is a result of a past life trauma” – strong muscle, meaning “yes.”  We proceeded with EMT to narrow down the place and time and found out it happened in Spain in the 18th century.  Robert was the husband, and Melissa was his wife then, and they had three children.  The affirmation, “trauma in Spain, 18th century,” brought a weak muscle, confirming the trauma still weakens Robert energetically.

We started by trial and error, playfully checking muscle strength with different possible scenarios.  We found out that Melissa then was a gypsy girl, and Robert was an affluent land owner.  She put a spell on him to make him be attracted to her.  He married her against advice of his family.  Then she found a lover and ended up steadily poisoning Robert and the children. 

Robert now understood that he was still attracted to her because of the spell that was never removed.  They had “unfinished business,” and there was still “bad blood” between them. 

We a found weak muscle with “I want to release this trauma.”

“I deserve to release this trauma” – strong muscle, “yes.”

“Melissa deserves for me to release this trauma” – weak muscle, “no.” 

We combined the Forgiveness Affirmation for Melissa with affirmations to remove the spell:  “Even though Melissa does not deserve to be forgiven, I choose to forgive her for my own sake.  Carrying this anger in my subconscious for so many years never hurt Melissa; it hurts me, and I was and still am the victim of Melissa’s actions.  So, I choose to stop victimizing myself, and the only way I have to do it is by forgiving her.

“I don’t have any excuse for Melissa’s actions.  She was a gypsy girl, had nothing much as a girl, and was instructed in doing spells to achieve what she wanted; in this case she wanted to be comfortable financially.  I choose to forgive her for that.  What is more difficult to forgive is the fact she killed me and our three children so she could be free to live happily with her lover.  This is, indeed, unforgivable.  I choose to believe that she paid heavily for this terrible karma in subsequent lifetimes.  I choose to believe that justice is always being done.  It is also about time that I remove the spell she put on me; and for that, I need to sever all energetic connections I have with Melissa and therefore remove this trauma.  For that, I have to forgive her.  And even though I feel I could never possibly forgive her as Robert; there is a part of me – my spiritual self – who maybe can forgive. 

“I choose to forgive Melissa for everything, she might have done that contributed to this trauma, either consciously or subconsciously, either deliberately or by negligence.  I choose to release all negative emotions; negative thoughts; negative perceptions judgments; all negative attitudes and behaviors; all negative imprints, imaginations, and vows. 

“I choose to release all energy traces of my curse, spells, and witchcraft from my entire body, every single cell, and from my personal space.  I choose to believe that Melissa deserves for me to release this trauma, and this is my choice. 

I choose to forgive myself for carrying this negativity in my subconscious for so many years and sabotaging any ability to release this trauma.  I was not even aware I was doing it, so, I forgive myself.  And even though I may not feel that I can ever be able even to start forgiving Melissa, I choose to connect with my higher self, whose essence is unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and mercy”.

Now we re-checked:  “Melissa deserves for me to release the trauma” – strong muscle, “yes.”

“God deserves for me to release the trauma” – strong muscle, “yes.”

“I can imagine myself releasing the trauma right away” – strong muscle, “yes.”

“There is 100% subconscious support for me to release the trauma” – strong muscle, “yes.”

Now we are back to checking: “Trauma in Spain in 18th century.”  The muscle again was strong; indicating this trauma no longer weakens Robert energetically. 

Finally, we checked, “The spell is removed” – strong muscle, “yes.”

Just to be on the safe side, we also checked “There is still energy of the spell Melissa put on me” – muscle weak, “no.”  Now we know we were done.

And, indeed, Robert was happy to report the obsession with Melissa completely disappeared.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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