Erectile Dysfunction: Do you sabotage yourself?

Do you sabotage your potency?Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, (E.D.), is afflicting many men. You can see that from the billions of dollars sales of drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. 

Sometimes, people die, when using these drugs. Sometimes, E.D. is just a way warning you that you have to look into the underlying problem.

Take for example Abraham, who started to have problems with having erections after two years of being happily married. He had all urological tests being normal. He was able to have sex after taking Cialis or Viagra, but his wife felt that he was no longer attracted to her, as he could not perform without Viagra. She took it personally. It caused marital problems. This is how he got to see me.

My first suspicion, of course, was that Abraham was angry with his wife, and that this was his sub-conscious way to “punish” her. I was ready to bet that on Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) his muscle would be week when testing for “My wife deserves for me to be potent”.

Yet, I was surprised to find that I was wrong.
So, we went on to proceed with muscle testing:
“It is safe for me to be potent”- weak muscle. No. It is not safe.
“It is psychological”- weak muscle. No.
“It is physical”. –Strong muscle. Yes.
We were able to find out through muscle testing that Abraham had an enlargement of the heart. It did not give him any other warning signs. Having sex without treating the heart condition could have killed him. The wise body protected him.

However, most cases of E.D. are indeed psychological in nature.

Scott, developed E.D. as he felt less than a man, when he was not doing well in his business. In this case the muscle was weak when we checked: “I deserve to be potent”

John became impotent after his wife declared she wanted babies and he was not ready yet. The muscle was weak when we checked: “It is safe for me to be potent”.

Larry had a weak muscle to: ‘My wife deserves for me to be potent”. It turned out he was angry at her for putting him down in front of his friends”.

Jacob had a weak muscle when we checked for: “My previous girlfriend deserves for me to be potent”. We found out she died, and subconsciously he was angry at her for dying on him. It was sub-conscious, as how can you possibly be angry at someone for dying?

Once we were able to find through EMT where the problems lies, we were able to use Sabotage Correcting Technique (SCT), to remove sabotage and regain potency.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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