Does Oprah Winfrey Have Subconscious Sabotages to Weight Loss?

I had quite a few patients in my practice, which had the same pattern of yo-yo diets: losing weight and gaining it all back, and repeating the cycle over and over, before giving up.
Working with them I found through Energy Muscle Testing (EMT), that they all had subconscious sabotage to losing weight.
Usually the sabotage was connected to being sexually molested in the past. 

Oprah’s sexual molestation has been public knowledge, as she freely spoke about it. I would be very curious to have the opportunity to muscle test Oprah to see what type of subconscious sabotage she has.
The most common types are related to:

  1. “I don’t deserve to lose weight” – shame and guilt.
  2. “The perpetrator does not deserve that I’ll lose weight” – anger.
  3. “It is unsafe for me to lose weight” – fear of being attractive and end up again as a sexual object.

Using my Sabotage Correcting Technique (SCT), for removing these negative emotions from the subconscious, will enable you to remove the blocks to find your ideal weight and maintain it.

The protocol for using my Psycho-Kinesiology techniques is as follows:
First detect and remove subconscious sabotage to happiness.
Then detect and remove subconscious sabotage to health.
Only then can you proceed to check and correct for sabotage to finding your ideal weight.

The formulas to SCT are detailed in my book: The First Key, How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage, available at and on Amazon.

Once you correct subconscious sabotage to find your ideal weight, you can get reliable answers with EMT on what is your ideal weight. (For a lot of my patients the number was a big surprise). You can also discover the best methods to achieve your goal, the best foods, how long it would take, how many calories per day, etc.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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