Do you Self Sabotage Your Performance as a Sales Person?

let’s look at some specific examples of salespersons sabotaging their sales:

Judy had a fear of making presentations. She was feeling extremely uncomfortable when she needed to present to even a small group of people. She was fidgeting, could not think clearly. Her mouth was cotton dry and she had heart palpitations. Using muscle testing we found out that when she was at age 5 she spoke with a lisp and the children laughed at her. She was humiliated when she was taken out of the class by a speech therapist.

After we pinpointed the cause we were able to remove this painful memory and its impact by using my Sabotage Correcting Technique (SCT). She now makes presentations to large groups of people and was able to secure a better paying job as a result.

Dan was a sales person that told me he understood where the idiom “cold calls” came from. He had cold hands and feet literally whenever he needed to make cold calls, either in person or on the phone. “This damn phone weighs a ton”.

Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) showed that this was a result of fear of rejection going back to age 8, when the friend he invited to his birthday, did not show up. Again there was a happy ending to Dan’s problem using SCT.

Becky was doing well in presentation and cold calls but she had a huge problem when it came to asking for the sale. In her case we found out that Becky was harshly punished by her strict father, whenever she asked for a toy or sweets. We were able to remove this imprint by using my unique Sabotage Correction Technique and Becky became the number one salesperson in her district.

John was having problems answering objections. By now can you imagine what we found with EMT? Yes, as a child John was told repeatedly not to answer back as this is considered argumentative and disrespectful. It was easy to remove this type of sabotage.

Melissa had a problem writing proposals. It took her hours, going back and forth. In her case we did not even need to use EMT. She knew exactly that it was a result of her English teacher, who kept failing her and giving her bad grades on her essays. In high school her mother ended up writing her essays for her. It took just one session of SCT combined with Energy Psychology techniques to get rid of all the negative memories and for Melissa to be able to be comfortable writing proposals

In my years of practice I worked with dozens of sales persons, who wanted to improve their performance and quickly and easily helped them to detect and remove subconscious sabotage.

However, I also discovered that first, before addressing any other issue, you have to detect and correct any subconscious sabotage to “happiness.” Happiness is a broad and vague word, and it represents different things to different people, and it is okay this way. I want to clear any obstacle to general happiness, whatever it represents to this person.

When there is subconscious sabotage to happiness no other goal, such as business success, health, or relationship, can be achieved, as it could, God forbid, make you happy.

So, if you subconsciously feel, like 95% of the people I work with, that you do not deserve to be happy, and/or that it is unsafe to be successful, and/or if you have a forgotten childhood trauma that affects your self confidence, how could you possibly succeed as a sales person?

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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