Does the Law of Attraction Really Work for You?

Law_of_AttractionWhat exactly are you attracting without even knowing it?

We are electromagnets and we attract to us people and experiences that vibrate at the same wave-length.

Let’s say we are consciously trying to radiate positive thoughts and feelings. If we have suppressed negative emotions, negative imprints, attitudes or believes, it would bring down the average overall vibrations to a much lower vibrations band.

Not being aware of that we can get the mistaken conclusion that the Law of Attraction does not work.

97% of what is happening in our brain is subconscious. For every million nerve shootings in the conscious mind, there are trillions of nerve shootings that we are unaware of. Most of what is affecting our feelings is below the level of our awareness.

Most of us have suppressed negative emotions. We have negative impressions of ourselves created by early life experiences. The average parent gives negative remarks many more times than they give praise. We are being socialized by guilt and shame. We are programmed to be subdued and considerate of other people and to be “nice” and not show or ever admit to ourselves negative or unacceptable emotions.

A lot of times the programming is clipping our wings; teaching us learned helplessness and undermining our self confidence and self esteem. In other words, there are a lot of bugs in our small P. C. computer, most of them subconscious.

Since for a small child feeling hate or having murderous impulses towards a caretaker is extremely dangerous, these feelings have to be suppressed. We also suppress the part of us that we don’t want to recognize in ourselves. This is what Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, called the “Shadow.”

From down under, the Shadow is our enemy as it vibrates at a low vibrational rate. It attracts to us, according to the Universal Law of Attraction, all the negative people and negative experiences and circumstances, and we are not even aware of what is going on. In addition to the Shadow, there are many other negative imprints based on negative life experiences and many people “writing on your wall.” These negative imprints and supposed negative emotions is what I call “subconscious sabotage.” It is my understanding that this is how Karma works.

By now you are probably asking yourself: “If sabotage is subconscious, how do I find it”?

All psychologists since Freud tried to get access to the suppressed material. It was a huge challenge, because the suppressed material is either too painful or too dangerous to face. The patients had all kinds of defense mechanisms and resistance. So Freud let his patients free-associate in order to get into the subconscious. This process takes years.

Dr. Slonim found out that using Energy Muscle Testing (EMT) is actually the doorway to the subconscious. Any trauma or emotional issue that blocks the flow of life energy will weaken all muscles. This way, we can use EMT to find exact details about the subconscious issues that sabotage you. You can find out within minutes, where the blocks are, instead of being put on the psychoanalyst’s sofa for ten years.

Finding the negative imprints, emotions, beliefs and attitude is only the first step.
Dr. Slonim, a Board Certified psychiatrist came up with Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) and Visual Field/Kinesiology for trauma release.

She was commissioned by NATO to teach these techniques to European psychologists. Now it is available to you.

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