More on Past Life Trauma Clearing

There was more development regarding the client with a past life in Japan that I wrote about in my previous blog.

Just to remind you, Mary was cleared by my Visual Field/Kinesiology Field for trauma in Japan where she was a dancer and a concubine of the emperor.  When the emperor discovered she was a Zen student, he exiled her teacher and executed his students.

After her sabotage to spiritual development was released, she had another block.  This time she presented the complaint that her business is not advancing as expected, and she cannot break through a glass ceiling and become more famous and financially successful.

We found out she had weak muscle (sabotage) when we checked, “It is safe for me to be famous.”  She was puzzled by it, and by using muscle testing we further narrowed it down to the fear that being successful and famous would jeopardize her marriage.  Again, we found it was related to some past life in Japan.

Mario, her current husband, was her father during the Japan incarnation.  He was very possessive of her. We found using muscle testing that he was jealous when she danced for the emperor and for the entire court.  He also became angry at her when she fell out of grace due to her spiritual practices.

We cleared the fear from that trauma, but muscle testing still showed that her husband, Mario, was still jealous, and her becoming famous would endanger the marriage.  Therefore, I requested for Mario to come in for a session.  Reluctantly he came, very much in doubt about the entire process.  He was totally perplexed that his muscle testing totally verified the fact that he was, indeed, sabotaging his wife’s success out of jealousy and that it was related to the past life in Japan in the 13th century.

Muscle testing with Mario verified that he was, indeed, Mary’s father then and that he was very traumatized by her being a famous dancer.  Not only was he jealous of her being in the public eye and having all men attracted to her, he was also very angry at her for being a student of the Zen Master.  He, as the father of the emperor’s favorite concubine, got a lot of status, riches, and benefits.  These were all taken away from him after she fell from grace.  He became very angry and unsupportive toward his daughter for causing all that trouble, rejected her, and there was a total disconnect between them.

So, this trauma in his subconscious makes him feel that it was dangerous to their marriage, should she be successful on a grand scale.  He was subconsciously afraid to lose her, and therefore subconsciously sabotaged her success.

The trauma in Japan caused weak muscles.  He had subconscious sabotage to release this trauma, as he did not feel he deserved it.  He did not feel his then daughter deserved it.  The emperor did not deserve it, and it was unsafe for him to release the trauma.

Using Sabotage Correction Technique, we were able to remove all sabotages, and the muscle became strong when checking again for the trauma.

After the trauma was cleared Mario felt he could now deal with his wife being successful and famous.  He still stated he would be jealous for her, but he could handle it and live with it.

Author: Dr. Daphna Slonim

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